Amazon Prime Day: Here is What to Expect

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 This year’s edition of the much awaited Amazon Prime Day is slated for July 16th at 12 Noon Pacific Time. The massive sale-off would be open to the Amazon Prime subscribers .The Prime Day would see customers in the US, Spain, UK, Mexico, Japan, India, Germany, China, Canada, Belgium, Austria, Australia, Singapore, Netherlands, and Luxembourg enjoy discounts for up to 36 hours. This year’s edition of the Prime day we will see major improvements in terms of the expected subscribers, the targeted countries, and the goods set to be sold. The number of hours for the offers have also been increased from last year’s 30 to this year’s 36.

Prime Day Deals to Expect

Most of the deals anticipated on this year’s Prime day will be products branded by Amazon. Some of them include the Fire TV, Fire tablets, Kindle e-readers, and the Echo device.

To create a buzz, the company has already started making introductory offers on certain key products including today’s $100 discount on the Amazon Echo device bundled with 4 months of unlimited Amazon Music for only 99 cents
With that, the company is also anticipating to take in some more members in the Prime subscribership. Prime subscribers are however expected to pay more this year as compared to last year. For instance, last year, the company was charging $99 for prime membership. This year, the value has been increased by 20 percent to $119. Amazon may, therefore, need to increase its marketing efforts to bring new subscribers on board as they may be put-off by the high subscription fees.
Customers are however expecting to reap from the massive sell-offs as well as the newly anticipated products from companies which may take the advantage to introduce new products in the market. Delta is expected to launch its new voice-activated faucet while Coleman is expected to launch its new Road trip LXE gas-powered grill.
Amazon would also be giving away some sumptuous deals in this period. In the bid to push the market for new products including Alexa, the company would be dishing out cash rewards to online shoppers as well as offering a giveaway of the  new 2019 Lexus ES incorporated with Alexa functions.
Despite the glitches that the company has faced on the Amazon Prime Day, enough preparations have been made towards ensuring that nothing goes out of hand to inconvenience shoppers. The company said that it was working to ensure that no technical hitches occur such as those evidenced in 2016 and 2017. To avoid inconveniencing customers, the company has increased the number of popular products that are expected to be sold out much sooner. It has also beefed up its cloud presence and computer backups.

Readers, are you planning to shop Prime Day this year? What items are you hoping to see? Let us know in the comments below!