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  • 5 Reasons Why Hiking is Not as Hard as People Think

    Posted in Outdoors by Brooke. on June 10, 2021

    Hiking is known to be a very fulfilling experience in terms of soul and body. It can be scary for those who are not used to it. The hiking experience is unique, and research suggests that its benefits go way beyond what a typical exercise would get you.
    Hiking oxygenates your heart, makes your mind sharper and makes your body calmer. Also, you will feel newfound creativity and livelier relationships because of how positive it makes you. Hiking is terrific for our health and wellbeing, and for those who think it is too much of a hassle, here are five reasons it is not!



    1. Easy tracks are available
    When most non-adventurous people like us think of hiking, a rugged and steep climb comes to mind. But, that is not the only option when it comes to hiking. Most trails have an easy track that you can very easily walk on to climb to the peak. The more accessible path intersects, the steeper climb many times, so you can always change tracks if you change your mind.

    2. It can be very cheap
    Hearing the word hiker, a person with a trekking stick, rugged hiking boots and a rucksack comes to mind. But in reality, you do not need all that excessive gear just to go on a hike. A pair of sneakers and a backpack would suffice, as most trails are made very approachable.




    3. Spots to take a break
    You might worry that once you start hiking, there will be no rest till you get to the end. But you would be wrong to assume that. The authorities that maintain the trail usually install benches and small huts that are comfortable for people to rest in. You can get moving as soon as you feel like it!

    4. Friends make it fun
    Having friends with you makes everything a lot better; hiking with a whole group would help you in case you get injured or face a challenging climb. You can help push and pull each other up and get through together.



    5. You adapt quickly
    Starting off, you may feel like you are running out of balance, or you might trip or fall. But 15-20 minutes in, you will feel normal hiking. If you become a regular, it would become like second nature to you, and it would not be as tedious as it were when you were just starting.

    Hiking is an activity that we recommend everyone to experience at least a few times in their life. Even if you enjoy it or not, the experience will give you valuable knowledge and help you grow as a person. Are you a frequent hiker? Tell us about your experience with hiking in the comments below!

  • The Harms of Excessive Screen Watching; And What You Can Do About It

    Posted in Uncategorized by Brooke. on June 3, 2021

    Research has shown that, on average, an American adult spends around 11 hours looking at some sort of screen every day! This statistic has not yet taken into account the shift to online and home-based jobs. The extreme levels of screen time is impacting our generation.
    There are both physical and psychological effects related to excessive screen watching. Common health issues that arise are dry eyes, headaches, blurred vision, disrupted sleep and lack of productivity. One of the main reasons for this is known to be blue light. Blue light is present in both sunlight and light from screens. It has a higher energy level than any other color, and prolonged exposure can cause problems. Here are some ways to tackle the effects of screen watching:


    1. Reduce Exposure to Blue Light
    This can be very cheap and simple if you get the hang of it. One way to avoid blue light is to get blue light filtering glasses. These remove the blue light from the screen you are seeing. Another solution is to use a blue light filter on the device that you are using. The filter basically removes all or most of the blue light from the screen based on your preferences. It makes the screen follow a more natural transition. This is also called night mode on many devices. It can also be set to turn on automatically as the sun goes down.
    2. Take Breaks
    Screen-related fatigues, such as dry eyes or headaches, occur when you stare at a single screen for too long. When eyes stick to looking at a single distance and brightness, they get tired. A way to avoid this is to try the 20-20-20 rule. This rule tells you to look away from your screen after every 20 minutes, at an object at least 20 feet away for 20 seconds. You can even take it a step further and go for a quick stroll outside. You will see how wondrous it is for your eye health.



    3. No Screens in Bed
    It is common for people to wrap up their work, get ready for bed, and pull out their phones to scroll through their socials and whatnot once they are in it. Social media is so addicting that you do not even realize sometimes how long you have spent mindlessly scrolling through posts. This not only takes up valuable time of your sleep but leaves your sleep cycle and quality disturbed. You would not wake up fresh the following day. So make it a rule that your phone should be away from you once you enter your bed and should not be used till the morning.



    While it is understandably difficult to completely eliminate them, we all can put and effort and keep ourselves to a limit. Do you have any tips that can help with tacking screen-watching? Tell us in the comments below!

  • De-cluttering Tools to Organize Yourself at Work and Home

    Posted in Guides by Brooke. on May 25, 2021

    It is not uncommon in to find people who wish they could be more organized. Work clutter is a real problem many of us face. Most people want to work in a place where you do not have to spend time looking for the thing you need. So, we brought you 5 unique tools that will help you make the most out of minor places.


    1. Tablet and Accessory organizer

    This accessory organizer is built perfectly to fit in your bag or purse. This has spaces for your tablet, chargers and cables while having extra space for any other handy gadgets that you might have. This will completely eradicate having to shuffle through loads of stuff to get that one cable!

    2. Shoe Storage Rack

    Everyone wants loads of shoes that they can wear on different occasions. But when buying, one rarely thinks about where to store them. Having a bunch of shoes can be a curse in disguise. But with this innovatively designed shoe storage cabinet, you do not need to worry about finding a spot for storing shoes ever again. It sorts your shoes vertically, saving you tons of space.




    3. Under Shelf Baskets
    Ever had a shelf and felt like there is a lot of space on the upper side of the column? Or have you ever had a single panel shelf that runs out of the room when you are only halfway through putting your things in place? This little life hack is here to save the day. This under shelf basket hangs firmly below your shelf, giving you that extra space you need.

    4. Hovering Bookshelves
    If you already have loads of furniture and cannot find space to fit a traditional floor to ceiling bookshelf, your love for books would certainly be tried. To keep your hobby intact, here is a unique little solution. These racks do not need to be on the floor, and you can still use them to stack up against your book collection.

    5. Ticket Stub Diary
    If you are the type of person that prioritizes keeping records of tickets and receipts, you would know that they can clutter real quick. Even keeping them in a drawer is of no use, in case you need to find one; you may spend hours looking for it in a mess. This little ticket stub diary is your salvation. Not only can you keep all your precious ticket stubs and receipts, but you can also order them too!




    Did you like our solutions to de-cluttering the mess out of your life and getting your work organized? If you did, make sure to tell us in the comments below, and if not, suggest us any better tips that we can follow!

  • Posture Correctors You Should Buy Before It's Too Late

    Posted in Guides by Brooke. on May 20, 2021

    Good posture is when a body's muscles completely support the skeleton to maintain the alignment in a stable and energy-efficient way. A posture of a person can be de-morphed over time due to daily habits. Practices such as sitting with a hunched back, wearing the wrong shoes, and lack of exercise can take a lot of toll on your posture.
    Bad posture is basically all about muscular strength. The correct posture can be attained by training the muscles that have to maintain posture. While most of us can not choose to avoid situations causing bad posture, we can still correct it. To guide a body back into its natural alignment, you can use posture correctors. Here are a few top-rated posture correctors:



    1. Evoke Pro A300 – Best Overall
    The evoke pro is a fantastic choice if you're looking for a traditional posture corrector that you can wear under your clothes without it being visible. It is not too bulky and has breathable fabric, so you don't sweat while wearing it. It has a broad figure 8 design with a wider material span in the shoulder region. Velcro straps allow you to set the tension of the posture corrector.



    2. Comfy Brace – Best Budget

    If you want to fix your posture, you don't really need a budget if you have commitment and determination. Comfy Brace is a wallet-friendly option to get your posture right. It is latex-free and a great option with a minimal price tag. It has padded straps that will give you the comfort you need.
    3. Flexguard Back Brace – For Back Pain
    This is a combination to tackle both slouching shoulders and handling back pain. This posture corrector includes a back brace and shoulder straps and is a popular option for people who suffer from back pain due to improper posture. This brace comes in a wide variety of sizes, ranging from XS to XL, and adds adjustable straps to further fit your body. It is a little bulky when worn under clothing but is still wearable.
    4. Upright GO Trainer – Best For Office
    One of the biggest reasons for the wrong posture in the modern world is modern offices. Sitting in front of a computer on a chair all day can destroy one's stance. This device is perfect for your office as it has no straps and keeps reminding you to fix your posture by vibrating. It can connect to your phone and turn off if you want it to.

    pexels-andrea-piacquadio-3772502 (1)


    Having a good posture changes the way people around you will perceive you. It has a significant impact on your confidence as well. Did you find these helpful? Please let us know in the comments below!

  • Stock up on Household Commodities While the Stocks last!

    Posted in Uncategorized by Brooke. on May 10, 2021

    Running a household is not easy, and if you're new to managing your own living space, it is even more challenging. Unless you have a lot of money to throw around, you will find yourself trying to budget and manage your expenses. Household commodities individually don't seem much; just a few bucks for a shampoo bottle seems like no problem. The real issue begins when the combined expenses from the entire month comes forward.
    You become baffled on trying to figure out how you spent so much. If you know how to manage your home, you already know that buying smarty means buying bundles. If you're new to it, you're going to learn something new. Buying in bundles can save you a lot on non-perishable commodities in the long run. So we brought you some sweet deals to help you manage your monthly budget with ease.
    1. Charmin Toilet Paper
    One of the worst experiences someone can go through at home is to run out of toilet paper. No one in their right mind wants to be stuck in a bathroom with no toilet paper. Toilet paper is amongst the most used commodities in a household, so be smart and get this bundle pack of toilet paper while it's still on sale!




    2. Power wash Dish Spray
    Dish soap tends to run out real quick. The reason for this is the excessive use of it. Each time you're going to eat something, you're likely to get a few dishes dirty. Getting a bundle pack of Dawn dish spray will help you save.




    3. Smart Home Bundle
    If you're a tech geek, you'll surely know the value of a smart home and the luxury that it can give you. Individual accessories for a smart home can cost you a fortune, so buying some necessities for a smart home in a bundle is one of the smartest things you will do.




    4. 12-pc Bath Towel Bundle
    Anyone who takes joy in their baths knows the value of a complete set of bath towels. It completes the experience. But bath towels of all sizes can be costly if bought individually. Please take a look at this fantastic deal; get them while they're on sale.

    pexels-dom-j-45980 (1)



    5. Blender Bundle
    Having the luxury to blend some juice at home is fantastic, especially if you love detoxing and keeping yourself fit. Get this blender bundle at a bargain. These can go for a lot if you buy them individually.



    Did any of these suggestions tinker your interest? Do you know of any more tips on getting cheaper items for your home? If so, please tell us in the comments. We will love to know!

  • Formal Apparel Items That You Need For Your Next Interview

    Posted in Guides by Brooke. on May 3, 2021

    Interviews are an unavoidable aspect of the job culture. Waiting in lines as each candidate is judged on their compatibility, competing for numbered positions. It's imperative to make a lasting first impression to get a job. Even the slightest slip-up can get you eliminated from the final list.
    There are numerous things a person can do to ensure that an interview goes well. On the top of the list is the way someone presents themselves. Having clothing that fits you well and compliments is the best way to make a good impression the minute you enter the office. Here are a few formal apparel items that you need to get to ace your interview!

    1. Ponte Double Breasted Blazer
    Starting with this Women's Blazer by Attitude Unknown, It's both formal and in style. There are several color options to choose from based on your type of interview. It is tailored amazingly with its peaked lapels and fitted waist. To add to its beauty, it has gold-tone embossed buttons giving it a complete and polished look.

    2. Ruched Sequin Formal Dress
    This purple dress by Connected Apparel is the one if you intend to stand out and look stunning for your interview. The sleeveless and sleek design of the dress is sure to give you the confidence boost you need and leave a mark on the interviewers' minds.

    3. Men's Standard Fit Suit Jacket
    There is nothing that can quite match the class of a well-stitched suit jacket. Regardless of the occasion, a suit jacket is the way to go if you need to be taken seriously. This jacket features long sleeves and is a perfect addition to your wardrobe. It pairs amazingly with matching trousers to give you're an effortless and refined look. Moreover, you can get it at a bargain at just $69.

    4. Women's Studded Pull-On Pants
    Black pants are the way to go for any formal occasion. They look great with lighter color tops and even look good with darker shades. You will be an eye-catch in your next interview, and this pair is explicitly made to be comfy and lightweight. A printed top, a basic T-shirt, or even a cardigan would be great with this pair of pants.


    We hope our recommendations help you make your next interview just a bit better. Looking good is only the start. Tell us more ways to ace interviews in the comments below!

  • You Can Thank Us Later - 5 Ways to Stop Procrastinating

    Posted in Guides by Brooke. on April 29, 2021

    Picture this: you have only two hours left to write an important document. The clock is ticking by, and with each minute, you feel like your deadline is even more unachievable. You are writing as fast as you can while cursing yourself for getting into such a mess. Secretly, everyone knows what went wrong.



    You re-read your emails multiple times for no reason, you kept using your social media for just five more minutes a little too many times, you started thinking about how not having that second cup of coffee is not allowing you to work, you spent too much time preparing for the task than actually doing it, and the list just never ends. If you want to escape this dreadful cycle, you are in luck! Here are a few tricks to save yourself from procrastination.


    1. Cut Coffee Breaks to a Minimum
    The worst thing about procrastination is that you usually only realize that you have procrastinated after running short of time. And going to make coffee after starting essential tasks is one of the top ways to end up rushing for a deadline. Find a way to stick to your desk no matter what. If coffee is necessary, get a portable coffee maker like a Keurig mini coffee maker, and keep it on your desk!



    2. Get a Better PC
    If you have ever tried to work on slow PC, you would know firsthand how much it can interrupt your work. Spiraling into a different dimension where work is non-existent is very easy when workflow is interrupted. If your PC is slow and inefficient, invest in an HP Pavilion Gaming PC; they are affordable and will get your job done.



    3. Listen to Focus Building Music
    It’s really easy to get distracted in a noisy environment. If you live in a home with many other people, losing focus and getting busy talking to someone is very easy. Having a good pair of headphones such as this foldable wireless headphone and listening to lyric-less music can be a great way to boost your efficiency.



    4. Read Books on Tackling Procrastination
    Reading is always a good thing, just not when you have to work. In your free time, try to reading up on procrastination prevention. There are many  books filled with ways to stop procrastinating. To start up, look at this book.



    5. Get Off-Grid
    When you start working, turn your Wi-Fi off on your phone, or at least put it on silent. Your cellphone is sometimes the most significant reason for your procrastination. If someone needs to reach you, they will find a way!



    Procrastination is a vexing issue, and 95% of people suffer from it. What do you think about these tips? Are they helpful or not? Tell us in the comment box below!

  • What’s at the top of the buying list for college students?

    Posted in Guides by Brooke. on September 3, 2018
    Starting college is a big deal and making sure students have everything they need ahead of time is essential to make the transition frustration-free. There’s nothing worse than realizing that something essential has been left at home.
    Categorize your needs
    1. room and storage needs
    2.bedding and laundry supplies
    3. office/desk supplies
    4. electronics
    5. toiletries
    6. clothing and household (including kitchen items)

    It may make more sense for students to buy certain things when they get to college rather than having to tote them from home. Another idea is to focus on bringing clothing appropriate for the season and just swapping when at home for breaks. Storage space will be scarce, so that would be one way to decrease the amount of “stuff” that has to be crammed into the room!

    Here are some items at the top of a college student’s list:

    Mattress topper – dorm mattresses tend to be tough and mattress toppers give that extra bit of padding and comfort.
    Twin XL sheets – these sell out early so be sure to purchase them before the rush for supplies in August.
    Pillows – bed pillows are essential of course, but it’s nice to have an additional throw pillow too.
    Mattress protector – especially important for students with allergies.
    Surge Protector (including USB ports) – this is a must to protect electronics as well as providing additional outlets in the room. Don’t forget lots of extension cords too!
    Shower caddy (especially important if you have to walk to the showers)
    Towels - if you are buying new towels, getting them monogrammed is a way to prevent them from going astray! Don’t forget a couple of hand towels and wash cloths too.
    Laundry bag and detergent – the pod type are super easy to use and take up less space than liquid detergent bottles.
    Storage – anything that can increase the amount of storage space in the dorm room – under bed bins, over the door storage solutions (check the door thickness first) and flat hangers, to name just a few.
    First aid kit – great to have on hand for emergencies!
    Toiletries – toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, mouthwash, nail clippers, body wash, and hand sanitizer to name just a few!
    Cleaning supplies – antibacterial wipes, small hand-held vacuum, paper towels, dish detergent

    The key is to make a list and to pack as lightly as possible, bringing only what is absolutely essential.

  • The Best Cash Back Credit Cards

    Posted in Guides, Saving Tips by Brooke. on September 3, 2018
    Cash back credit cards are an easy way to earn money for everyday purchases. Choosing the best card for your lifestyle can get tricky, but with a little research, you can quickly maximize your earnings with no effort at all. The following cards are some of the highest rated rewards credit cards available.

    Chase Freedom

    Chase Freedom offers 0% APR for 15 months. You can earn $150 bonus after spending $500 within the first three months of opening the account. You can also earn up to 5% rewards on up to $1,500 in bonus categories. There is no annual fee and Chase Freedom offers built-in protection for unauthorized purchases and has extended warranty protection.

    Citi Double Cashback Credit Card

    Citi Double Cashback offers 0% APR for 18 months on balance transfers. You are rewarded with 1% for purchases, and for each payment you make, you will also earn 1% back. There is no annual fee and there are no limits on how much you are able to earn. This card is beneficial for those who spend money across several spending categories since there are no restrictions.

    The Blue Cash Preferred Card American Express

    If you have a family of any size and you spend a good chuck of your paycheck at the grocery store, The Blue Cash Preferred Card is for you. You can earn 6% rewards on grocery store purchases, plus, 3% on gas and department store purchases. Although there is a $95 annual fee, you can easily make up for that within your first three months with a $200 bonus on $1,000 purchases. This money will be applied to your statement as credit.

    Discover It Cash Back Match

    Discover It offers 0% APR for the first 14 months and unlimited dollar-for-dollar match of the cashback you've earned in the first year. You can earn 5% in most major spending categories and 1% on all other purchases. Your rewards never expire. One of the perks of Discover It is that you can apply your rewards when making purchases at right at the checkout.

    Quicksilver One Capital One
    Even with an average credit score, you can still earn rewards with Quicksilver One. There is a $39 annual fee, but you can earn 1.5% rewards on all purchases. If you're getting back on track and able to consistently make your monthly payments, why not earn some rewards while you're at it?

    How do You Choose the Right Card?

    How will you determine which card is best for you? Analyze your spending habits and look at the short and long-term benefits of each card. There are thousands of rewards cards available and they all offer great benefits. Make sure you have a strong credit score and are able to meet the monthly minimum payment. It's also a good idea to speak to a customer service representative to weigh out the pros and cons of each card before making any commitments.

  • How to Be Savvy When it Comes to Coupon Codes

    Posted in Saving Tips by Brooke. on August 22, 2018
    No one likes to overpay when they're shopping, or paying for anything for that matter. Therefore, it's essential to have smart shopping strategies. We're going to look at how you can become a savvy shopper using coupon codes. While many believe these codes are solely for online shopping, you're missing the boat on savings opportunities.

    For example, did you know you could turn your child's old car seat in at Target and receive a 20% off code toward a new one? Make sure you read the fine print, though, because this offer is only good during select times of the year. Let's see where else you can experience savings!

    Put Your Phone to Work 

    There are a plethora of savings apps that not only show you where the savings are, but they also store coupons and codes for you. For example, you can use Walmart's Saving's Catch App to scan the receipt and determine if you can get a lower price. If the app finds a lower price, you'll receive a refund. Ibotta is another where you scan the receipt, and they'll give you money based on coupon codes you've preloaded. Target has a popular app called Cartwheel that contains scannable coupons and, if you use this one correctly, you can stack the coupons with manufacturer coupons for deeper discounts.

    Use Brower Extensions 

    Shopping online is a savvy way to hit great deals because, in addition to saving time and gas money, you can also find great coupon codes. For example, if you keep Ebates as a browser extension, it will automatically tell you when you can earn cash back on your shopping trips. Plus, when you're ready to check out, it will load any applicable codes for you. The same holds true for Honey. If you keep this one loaded on your toolbar, it will automatically apply coupons to your cart during checkout.

    Sign up for Newsletters 

    Often, you can receive a percent off code, free shipping, or some other deal when signing up for a retailer’s newsletter. Look for what the deal is, and if it works for your shopping trip, sign up for the newsletter. Some of the newsletters will also offer future incentives, as well, to keep their buyers either in the store or purchasing online. If you’re unsure, ask what they’re going to offer.

    Don’t Forget to Ask 

    Many retailers offer coupons and codes to their patrons upon request. However, their sales associates often forget to hand them out or don’t hand them out readily for one reason or another. For example, you can receive a code for free ice skate sharpening at Dick’s Sporting Goods when you purchase skates, but you have to ask. Another example is you can receive free tailoring at Nordstrom’s, but this is another coupon you have to request. When you’re out shopping, don’t be afraid to ask if there are any coupons or codes you’re eligible for or what you can do to receive deals.

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