Budget Friendly summer destinations

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If you still have not made your summer travel plans, then there are some wonderful places just waiting to be explored. While money is tight for many, the chance to build memories during a vacation should not be missed. Here are some cheap summer vacation destinations to consider.

Since the Kilauea volcano erupted many travelers have been canceling their travel plans to Hawaii. The good news is that airlines, vacation rental properties and restaurants have all slashed prices since the eruption hoping to get tourists to still make a summer vacation there. Consider renting a car and heading to the Kohala Coast where you can work on your tan at Hapuna Beach State Park which has one of the largest white sand beaches in the state before heading to a local spa.

Then, go visit Puukohola Heiau National Historic Site where you can explore the state's history. Head through unspoiled pastures to the Kahua Ranch where you can take a horseback tour of the area. Since this region is over 100 miles from the volcano that is sending most of its molten lava out its sides, there is no reason not to go enjoy a vacation in Hawaii

South Africa

A great money exchange rate makes it a great time to go on a South African horseback safari. While you will not see any big cats when visiting the unique Waterberg biosphere, you will ride alongside giraffes and zebras who consider you part of their pack when you are riding on a horse. Since there is an extremely favorable exchange rate, you can find all-inclusive packages for about $100 a day. This location is only about three hours from Johannesburg, giving you an opportunity to explore the city if you desire on your South African adventures.

New Zealand

Like South Africa, there is an extremely budget friendly exchange rate between New Zealand and the United States right now. While this destination is usually thought of as an expensive place to vacation, this is the perfect time to plan a backpacking trip to this destination. Consider going on a guided hike around Lake Waikaremoana. You will be hiking for four to eight hours every day enjoying sandy beaches, breathtaking scenery and great hospitality. The entire lake is surrounded by a series of huts, so you do not need to carry your housing and most of the food can be transported from one location to the next on boats.

Do not pass up the chance to travel to these budget friendly destinations. You will be building memories to last a lifetime.