• Love Cooking? Hate Pre-Cooking Preparations? Read On!

    Posted in Food by Brooke. on July 6, 2021

    There is something about cooking that makes you fall in love with it. The fulfillment of making a dish that tastes good, the pleasant aroma, and the freedom of creativity are all satisfying. But as amazing as it is, it is not nearly as easy as it seems from a distance. Someone who cooks regularly knows that even the slightest imbalance in ingredients can mess up the entire dish.
    Other times, you are just too tired to get to cooking. Making a dish is not as simple as putting a few ingredients in a cooker and turning the heat on. There are several stages of pre-cooking that you have to go through, and honestly, that is the worst part about cooking. Especially if you have had a long day at work and are tired. Here are a few tips that would make pre-cooking very easy for you.
    1. Make A Menu
    Often you will find yourself trying to think of something to cook, and you would have to get ingredients after that. Making a menu for the week in advance will allow you to get the ingredients beforehand and know precisely what needs to be cooked, saving you the time you take to decide and get ingredients.



    2. Schedule Groceries
    Getting groceries every day or even several times a week is very inefficient in terms of time, energy, and expenditure. Even if you order online, you will have to pay for the delivery charges. Schedule monthly or bi-monthly groceries, and order them from Walmart or Kroger to save time.



    3. Improve Your Knife Skills
    How you handle your knife can be the difference between spending an hour in meal prepping and mere minutes. Make sure that the knife you are using is not dull. Get a knife sharpener just in case, as they tend to go dull very quickly. The more you practice cutting vegetables and other ingredients of your meal, the better you will get at it.



    4. Cook In Batches
    Cooking in bulk might be your best friend, especially if you are in a hurry. It essentially halves your time in prepping and preparing the meal if you double the quantity and save some for later. You would have a pre-made meal at home ready for you whenever you want to eat it.



    If you are trying to change from take-out to home-cooked meals, you probably hate all the prepping that comes with it. We hope the tips we gave you helped you make the process easier. Tell us in the comments below if you have any innovative ways to make cooking easier!

  • Creatively Made Water Bottles That Remind You To Stay Hydrated- Go Check Them Out!

    Posted in Food by Brooke. on June 22, 2021

    Consumer trends steer the product development industry to innovate and come out with newer and better ideas. An example is the trend of Americans now preferring to drink bottled water over soda. This is an excellent thing for people's health, but this gives the bottled water companies a superb chance to innovate and develop designs for the consumers.

    There are countless new and efficient designs in the market, reflecting the competition of rival brands. The hustle to stand out and get a larger consumer base in this growing digital marketplace is more and more dependent on consumer feedback. So today, we bring to you some fabulous water bottle designs that would turn heads wherever you go!


    1. Titanium Water Bottle
    Plastic water bottles have several drawbacks. They can be slightly odorous, and researches have shown they are not really good for your health. Therefore, this corrosion-free titanium water bottle is here to save your day. It is very lightweight and leaves no odor in your beverages whatsoever.

    2. Eco-Friendly Glass Water Bottle
    This is an eco-friendly glass bottle with a bamboo cap. The cap is large in size and is easy to open. The lid also features stainless steel insulation, and it is a perfect alternative to a single-use plastic bottle.

    3. Dopper Water Bottle
    This is a 100% sustainable plastic bottle. Each part of the bottle is recyclable and eco-friendly. It is made for the user's convenience as it features a screw-on cap and a built-in cup that you can remove at any time and drink from.

    4. Smart Light-Up Water Bottle
    Out of the many options of water bottles, this one stands out the most. This smart bottle connects to your phone and determines how much water you need based on your location and body requirements. It lights up every time you need to drink water to remind you that.

    5. Fruit Infusion Water Bottle
    Everyone knows that fruit-infused water has amazing benefits for your body. It gives you many needed vitamins and nutrients by infusing them into the water that you drink regularly. Your tap water will turn into a delicious drink without an ounce of sugar or extra calories. Plus, there are zero odors or plastic after taste. So it is a win-win!



    Water is a necessity that should be taken at regular intervals, especially in these hot summers. Dehydration can be a real problem if left unchecked. What do you think about our water bottle suggestions? Did you like any specific one? Tell us in the comments below.

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