Everything you need to know about entering a sweepstakes web contest

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Have you been participating in online sweepstakes but haven’t had much success at it? Maybe you have a dream that one day, the delivery truck will pull up at your front door and deliver prizes like they do with all the other successful participants? Well, while there is no foolproof formula to enter and win a sweepstakes, it is possible to use a few tricks to tip the odds in your favor. Here are guidelines which will help you participate in the contests like a pro, and win like a pro.

Get a dedicated email to enter the competition

Open an email that is specifically meant for the sweepstake competition. The primary benefit which comes from getting this email address is that you will avoid spam email messages and it will be easier to track all your activity. In addition to this, make sure you set aside sometime every day to enter the competition. This will help you refine your searches for the right contests and avoid scams. If you are going to use software to fill sweepstake forms, make sure the site approves to avoid disqualification. Ensure that in case of a win, you can be easily contacted and stay connected on your chosen mode of contact throughout the web contest.

Maximize your time online

It is likely that you will not have the entire day to spend online entering different contests. Therefore, you need to really maximize on the time that you will have to do this. How you focus your time will depend on a lot. For instance, it would be wiser to use a short period of time to enter those that only allow you to enter once, as opposed to those which allow you to enter many times. The rationale behind this is that you are more likely to win the ones with a single entry than those with multiple entries.

Read and understand the rules before engaging

Before you engage in any of the contests, you need to read the rules and regulations of the giveaways and ensure that you do not contravene them when making your entries. When you read the terms, you will avoid unwanted emails. Also, you might get a few tips on how to actually win the competition.

Avoid cheating at all costs

There are people who fall into the trap of thinking that if they manipulate the rules, even a little, they may gain undue advantage over other people. While it may be tempting not to play by the rules, avoid cheating at all costs. Read through each entry and ensure you play by the rules because even if you cheat accidentally, you will still be penalized.

Readers, have you ever won a sweepstakes? Were you surprised? What was the prize? Share your comments below.