Update Your Home on a Budget

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Sometimes we get so accustomed to looking at the same thing that it’s hard to see it with fresh eyes. Take a close look around your place and imagine that it belongs to someone else. What would you do to spruce it up without spending a lot of money?
Five Fast Fixes 

1. Get organized. 

Go through your house and remove the things you no longer need or use. Donate them to a charity, have friends over for a bartering session, or sell them. Start in one area and work your way through the rooms. Organize the things you want to keep, placing them as closely as possible to the area where they will be needed. Recycle boxes or baskets to hold clutter or buy stylish new ones. Consider devices like a magnetic knife holder or a wine rack to add extra storage.

2. Grab a paintbrush. 

Nothing perks up a space as quickly as a bucket of wall paint in a trendy color, and the fun doesn’t stop there. Try painting and distressing a dated chair or table for a casual, or beachy look. If new paint calls for new accessories and you’ve already reached your budget, think of ways to use paint in new ways. Grab a jar of chalk paint and turn outdated picture frames, flower pots, and chipped boxes into instant accents.

3. Add new floor coverings or rugs. 

If your floor has seen better days and a quick fix is in your budget, look for tiles or strip flooring that you can install yourself. For even less, you can add paint to a worn wood floor or stairway, but pick a color that brings everything together. Another option is a stylish area rug in a design that brightens up the space and distracts from boring floors. Area rugs are perfect for a house you plan to sell or for one you are renting. You can take the rug with you when you go.

4. Replace old fixtures. 

It may be time to update old lights with shiny new ones. For even less money, use spray paint to add a new finish to a chandelier or bathroom light. Replace dingy wallswitches, outlets, and plumbing fixtures.

5. Add curb appeal. 

Your entryway is the first thing guests see. Paint the front door a color that stands out, accent the area with a potted plant, and update the discolored doorknob. Add a fresh welcome mat, install a new doorbell switch, and enjoy your new entry.

Readers, have you recently done any DIY jobs on your home? Share below your great ideas.