What’s at the top of the buying list for college students?

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Starting college is a big deal and making sure students have everything they need ahead of time is essential to make the transition frustration-free. There’s nothing worse than realizing that something essential has been left at home.
Categorize your needs
1. room and storage needs
2.bedding and laundry supplies
3. office/desk supplies
4. electronics
5. toiletries
6. clothing and household (including kitchen items)

It may make more sense for students to buy certain things when they get to college rather than having to tote them from home. Another idea is to focus on bringing clothing appropriate for the season and just swapping when at home for breaks. Storage space will be scarce, so that would be one way to decrease the amount of “stuff” that has to be crammed into the room!

Here are some items at the top of a college student’s list:

Mattress topper – dorm mattresses tend to be tough and mattress toppers give that extra bit of padding and comfort.
Twin XL sheets – these sell out early so be sure to purchase them before the rush for supplies in August.
Pillows – bed pillows are essential of course, but it’s nice to have an additional throw pillow too.
Mattress protector – especially important for students with allergies.
Surge Protector (including USB ports) – this is a must to protect electronics as well as providing additional outlets in the room. Don’t forget lots of extension cords too!
Shower caddy (especially important if you have to walk to the showers)
Towels - if you are buying new towels, getting them monogrammed is a way to prevent them from going astray! Don’t forget a couple of hand towels and wash cloths too.
Laundry bag and detergent – the pod type are super easy to use and take up less space than liquid detergent bottles.
Storage – anything that can increase the amount of storage space in the dorm room – under bed bins, over the door storage solutions (check the door thickness first) and flat hangers, to name just a few.
First aid kit – great to have on hand for emergencies!
Toiletries – toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, mouthwash, nail clippers, body wash, and hand sanitizer to name just a few!
Cleaning supplies – antibacterial wipes, small hand-held vacuum, paper towels, dish detergent

The key is to make a list and to pack as lightly as possible, bringing only what is absolutely essential.