What’s New with Smartphones? Updates on the Leading Trends in Technology

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It is almost crazy to think that just two decades ago, the concept of smartphones did not even exist. In fact, cellphones themselves were something that barely came into the hands of the consumers, and it was common to come across people who did not carry a cellphone with them at all.

But companies like Blackberry and HTC took it upon themselves to push technology to their limits. Finally, we have come to what we know today as the smartphone. But updates and breakthroughs do not stop here. There are a lot more new and unique concepts that are up and coming.

1. Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence is the use of software that can recognize patterns and make decisions based on them. You can see this in many mobile assistants such as Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa. Not only these, but the standard apps on your smartphone, such as maps also utilize AI to give you the most optimum route.




2. Location-Based Applications
It is no secret that your smartphone is constantly tracking your location. If you turn it off, you see prompts on your phone to turn it back on! With your permission, many applications track your location. Each time you download a new application, it might ask you for location access. For example, Uber does, as it needs to know your location to send you an Uber!




3. Augmented Reality
Augmented reality is when you take something real from the camera and modify it to make something new. You can see this on Instagram all the time. But some manufacturers are taking it a step further by allowing you to make complete objects appear in your videos using augmented reality. Very soon, it will be hard to tell what is real and what is not in videos!




4. Virtual Reality
You can already see it all around you, people playing games while wearing VR helmets. This technology is just inches short of entering your smartphone. Soon you will have a VR helmet and a joystick to control the experience. Your mobile video and gaming experience is going to change drastically!




What do you think would be the most significant breakthrough for smartphones in the near future? Do you think smartphones have brought more good to the community or the opposite? Let us know in the comments below.