What's the hip in music nowadays? Read on!

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People are very passionate about music, and rightfully so. Music is powerful and can be very therapeutic based on your mood. But given that, there are multiple genres and types of music. You cannot just say that you like music and leave it at that; everyone has a subtype that they specifically vibe with.




Music genres are all over the place. You have heavily electronic EDM, and then you have very lo-fi beats, and the fanbases are equally huge for both. While some genres are more popular than others, that does not mean that the music counts less. Here are the top genres in the music industry:

1. Pop
This is one of the most confusing ones to understand. The pop genre is basically derived from popular. And popular culture defines it for every era. Pop music has evolved a lot over time, and at one time, The Beatles were considered pop; but they mostly have soft rock tracks. Pop music nowadays is through famous artists such as The Weeknd and Maroon 5. Pop has evolved a lot around electronic sounds as of late.



2. Hip-hop and Rap
These were originally two different genres and had ancient roots embedded in the Blues and Gospel too. This genre has seen impressive evolution and has become the standard for the mainstream. With the help of computers, the traditional music tools that were a good voice and ability to play an instrument is not very necessary. Sub-genres such as trap have become very prevalent.

3. EDM
The rise of computers brought with it entirely new and unique ways to do things that were done another way traditionally. The same goes for music. Computers and electronics changed the shape of the music industry so that having an instrument is not even necessary to make music anymore. And as a result, EDM is one of the most popular forms of music today.



4. K-Pop
This type of music originated in Korea and was exclusive to the country for a while. But slowly, it grew out of Korea and spread to the US and some European countries too. K-Pop is portrayed as a vibrant and colorful form of music. Even though not loved by everyone, K-Pop stars are amongst the people with the most enormous following on social media platforms.



The right music can completely detach you from your worries and send you in a relaxing trance. When we think about it, it is not surprising why people are attached to their favorite music. The choice of music can say a lot about a person. What type of music do you like and why? Tell us in the comments below!