You Can Thank Us Later - 5 Ways to Stop Procrastinating

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Picture this: you have only two hours left to write an important document. The clock is ticking by, and with each minute, you feel like your deadline is even more unachievable. You are writing as fast as you can while cursing yourself for getting into such a mess. Secretly, everyone knows what went wrong.



You re-read your emails multiple times for no reason, you kept using your social media for just five more minutes a little too many times, you started thinking about how not having that second cup of coffee is not allowing you to work, you spent too much time preparing for the task than actually doing it, and the list just never ends. If you want to escape this dreadful cycle, you are in luck! Here are a few tricks to save yourself from procrastination.


1. Cut Coffee Breaks to a Minimum
The worst thing about procrastination is that you usually only realize that you have procrastinated after running short of time. And going to make coffee after starting essential tasks is one of the top ways to end up rushing for a deadline. Find a way to stick to your desk no matter what. If coffee is necessary, get a portable coffee maker like a Keurig mini coffee maker, and keep it on your desk!



2. Get a Better PC
If you have ever tried to work on slow PC, you would know firsthand how much it can interrupt your work. Spiraling into a different dimension where work is non-existent is very easy when workflow is interrupted. If your PC is slow and inefficient, invest in an HP Pavilion Gaming PC; they are affordable and will get your job done.



3. Listen to Focus Building Music
It’s really easy to get distracted in a noisy environment. If you live in a home with many other people, losing focus and getting busy talking to someone is very easy. Having a good pair of headphones such as this foldable wireless headphone and listening to lyric-less music can be a great way to boost your efficiency.



4. Read Books on Tackling Procrastination
Reading is always a good thing, just not when you have to work. In your free time, try to reading up on procrastination prevention. There are many  books filled with ways to stop procrastinating. To start up, look at this book.



5. Get Off-Grid
When you start working, turn your Wi-Fi off on your phone, or at least put it on silent. Your cellphone is sometimes the most significant reason for your procrastination. If someone needs to reach you, they will find a way!



Procrastination is a vexing issue, and 95% of people suffer from it. What do you think about these tips? Are they helpful or not? Tell us in the comment box below!