Explore Gardening as A Hobby This Summer with These 5 Amazing Plants!

by July 21, 2022
Explore Gardening as A Hobby This Summer with These 5 Amazing Plants!

Summer vacation is here, and it is up to you to spend them lounging on your couch or making them productive and memorable. One of the many ways you can do that is by trying new things and potentially discovering a new hobby! Out of the many expensive and time-consuming hobbies, a reasonable and rewarding one is gardening! Watching something grow and flourish gradually as you care for it is rewarding. So go through the list below for some great plant ideas to try gardening with for the first time:

Summer Squash
The summer squash plant has two main variants: yellow squash and zucchini. Both are great options for beginners as they are known to grow quickly and in large quantities. The best thing about these plants is their resistance to diseases and pests. As long as you water them regularly, you should not have an issue with them.

Why are peppers great plants? There are three main reasons for that. Firstly, they do not require a lot of maintenance. As long as your garden gets a good amount of direct sunlight and you water the plants regularly, they will thrive. Secondly, they are incredibly resistant to diseases and pests. Thirdly, they come in a vast variety, such as habanero chili peppers or sweet bell peppers. All of the varieties are easy to grow.

Radishes are excellent because they are ready to be harvested in just a few weeks. Rudolf radishes are known to go from seed to plant in just 25 days! Radishes are low maintenance, easy to grow, and versatile to eat. You can use them for a salad, appetizer, snack, or a side dish. Even radish leaves are edible!

Green Beans
There are two main types of green beans; pole beans and bush beans. Pole beans grow like a vine, so you would need a trellis for them to climb. Bush beans are very compact but do not produce as much. The beans’ easy-to-maintain nature makes them an instant favorite for beginners. They also freeze well, so you can store them if you had a big harvest.

Once you grow strawberries yourself, you will note how much sweeter they taste than the ones from the grocery. Plant strawberries in your garden this summer and enjoy them throughout. To ensure you never run out of strawberries, keep adding a few plants yearly.

You can forget about getting things wrong with the plants above. They are resilient and will surely bring you joy as you try gardening. Tell us in the comments below if you have experience gardening with the plants mentioned above!

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